Money Napoleon Iii


  • Very Beautiful Pourer/teapot 19th Napoleon Iii Engraved, Solid Silver Minerve Fray
  • Very Beautiful Russian Enamel Box In Solid Silver 84 End 19th 76g
  • 12 Rare And Beautiful Fish Covers In Silver Massive 19th Very Good State
  • Very Belle Aiguillere In Crystal Silver
  • - Very Beautiful Old Pendant In Massive Silver And Strass Knot Napoleon Iii
  • Rare And Very Beautiful 5-franc Silver Coin 1856 D Lyon Napoleon Iii
  • Beautiful 5 Francs Napoleon Iii, Silver, 1856, Bb, Ttb/sup Refp129
  • Stunning Ring Old Gold 18ct Napoleon Iii, Silver, Very Fine Diamonds
  • Superb Belt Napoleon Son Enamelled Gold & Silver 19th / Antique French
  • Beautiful Old Servant Silver Metal Cup Shells St Jacques Napoleon Iii
  • Beautiful Box Silver Guilloche Epoque Napoleon 3
  • Superb Box Silver Vermeil Minerva Decor Guilloche Ep. Nineteenth Top Quality +++++
  • Super Small Mirror Elegant Necklace Of Napoleon Iii Silver Nineteenth Ancient Jewel
  • Beautiful Chaine De Former Watch Sterling Silver
  • Great Time Trip Box Napoleon Iii Crystal & Silver Sign Audot
  • Jewel 24 Minerva Silver Knives, Beautiful Napoleon Iii Model, Excellent Condition
  • Beautiful Pair Of Candelabra In Bronze From Table Argente A Four Fires Top 43 Cm